The GKB 2100 banding machine 

Visitors to this year’s interpack will be given a demonstration of Syntegon’s Sepion 175 drum coater and the GKB 2100 banding machine-process systems for solid dosage forms with optimized functionalities.

The Sepion series with drum sizes from 175 to 1,000 liters was presented for the first time at the virtual interpack 2020. The system for the film and sugar coating of tablets comes with Syntegon’s latest Human Machine Interface (HMI), which aims to simplify process control and monitoring.

In addition, the coater reportedly ensures significantly shorter process times thanks to increased spray rates as well as recipe-controlled, enhanced cleaning. With the GKB 2100 banding machine, Syntegon is responding to the growing demand for oncological therapeutics, phytopharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, as well as the trend towards vegan alternatives made from HPMC or pullulan.

The new Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the digital control and monitoring centerpiece of various systems in Syntegon’s machine portfolio. This is also the case with the Sepion 175 drum coater: From setup and recipe creation to process monitoring and reporting, the interface supports operators in each process step.

The distance between the spray nozzles and the tablet bed can also be specified in the recipe; the spray arm adjusts automatically. The coater also enables tracking of the spraying arm via optional laser distance measurement.

The interface also provides access to Syntegon’s digital service solutions with its detailed information on essential OEE data, machine settings and alerts enabling operators to plan preventive maintenance and thus reduce downtime.

In terms of end-to-end optimization, the core technological components of the Sepion 175 also reportedly offer coating benefits. Syntegon says that a higher number of spray nozzles combined with an extended drum length results in a spray rate that is up to 40% higher than comparable established coaters.

In terms of cleaning technology, Syntegon claims to have made important changes based on comprehensive tests, leading to significant savings compared to benchmark coaters.

Visitors to the booth will also experience the new GKB 2100 banding machine for sealing hard gelatin and cellulose-based capsules at an output of up to 125,000 pieces per hour.

To avoid crushing during feeding into the sealing area, Syntegon relies on an automatic roller feed system. Sealing rollers apply the sealing liquid in two layers in two independently controlled stations before capsules enter the drying module in up to twelve tracks. In this area, the applied band dries in segmented zones by means of conditioned air.

If required, Syntegon not only supplies the right machine including detailed process advice, the expert teams in the Waiblingen laboratory can also precisely match the sealing liquid to the product to be filled and the empty capsule.

Syntegon’s redesigned Service Agreements will be available for the drum coater and banding machine. The Service Agreement packages seek to provide effective asset and maintenance management at fixed costs.

One essential aspect of the Service Agreements is Synexio, a new cloud-based software solution for the acquisition, evaluation and visualization of equipment and production data. Syntegon will release three consecutive packages of Synexio, with the entry-level package “Monitor” available for the Sepion and GKB as well. This package visualizes various KPIs to help companies achieve transparency over their production. At this year’s interpack, Synexio’s follow-up package “Uptime” will be launched, which will aim to help customers understand machine performance and identify improvement potentials.

Interested parties can meet Syntegon at booth A31 to B31 in hall 6, from May 4 to 10 at interpack 2023 in Duesseldorf.