IMA Group, a manufacturer of automatic machines for pharmaceutical, food, and battery processing and packaging, has announced two artificial intelligence (AI) solutions aiming to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of services offered to customers.

The IMA Sandbox solution is a collaborative, cloud-based platform for co-development and partnership in creating advanced algorithms, based on a shared and secure environment. IMA Group says the flexible digital architecture integrates centralized data collection and management in a ‘playground’ for testing and simulation of complex scenarios, evaluating AI performance under variable conditions, and refining machine learning algorithms before actual implementation.

The company states Sandbox analyzes the interaction of AI solutions with operational machine parameters including current, pressure, temperature, and vibrations; its goal is to provide insight into optimizing processes and prevent efficiency losses.

The Group says it aims to develop strategic partnerships with its customers through the solution, which it adds is designed to be intuitive, accessible, and highly customizable.

Meanwhile, IMA AlgoMarket allows customers to explore, evaluate, and acquire pre-configured and advanced AI algorithms specifically designed for the industrial sector. It is thought to represent a breakthrough in how companies access and implement artificial intelligence solutions.

In a series of alternative AI applications, Fraunhofer offered consultation for a company-specific digitalization strategy at interpack 2023, where Imago Technologies also displayed a fully embedded, deep learning-based vision system for quality inspection in various industrial applications.

This is similar to Cognex’s AI-based vision system for high-speed production lines, designed to provide an extensive vision toolset, powerful imaging capabilities, and flexible software for various inspection applications.

AMP RoboticsAI-powered automation system for film removal and recovery in recycling facilities also received Sustainability Awards in 2023, both in the Machinery category and as the Overall Winner. Its technology can identify film and flexible objects, which can then be captured and removed via an automated vacuum and deposited in a configurable location.

More recently, Bollegraaf and Greyparrot are working together to integrate AI into existing recycling plants, provide visibility in the waste stream, and increase transparency during the recycling process.

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