Hoffmann Neopac is launching a fully-metal version of its child-resistant high-barrier tins to package dry and semi-dry cannabis products such as edibles, CBD oils, creams, gummies, and concentrates – aiming for increased recyclability and product protection.

At 70mm in diameter, the new tins have been adapted to reach 26.5mm in height – higher than previous designs of Hoffman Neopac’s CR tins – in order to package bulkier cannabis products. As such, they have a capacity of 80-85ml.

Furthermore, while previous tins contained plastic inserts, the fully-metal redesign is expected to be more recyclable, with its certified resealable lid intended to protect children and pets from ingesting cannabis.

The lid has also been designed to shield the product from external light and preserve its freshness with an opaque option available for edibles, pills, and pouches. Both the lid and the body of the tins can be decorated, which allows for the application of branding and safety instructions.

Rich Quelch from Origin previously spoke to us about the variety of safety regulations between countries when it comes to cannabis packaging – and how new developments such as non-re-closable designs, ziplock bags, and caps that integrate measuring beakers are coming to light to ensure that cannabis products are child-proof, regardless of differing restrictions.

A previous development from Hoffmann Neopac saw the release of “closed-loop” tinplate cans said to be made of 100% steel collected from standard household recycling.