Evonik is set to launch new plasticiser products based on the raw material INA (Isononanol) in 2022, which will be manufactured at the Group’s largest site in Marl, Germany.

With the expansion of its portfolio, Evonik is aiming to strengthen its global position as a supplier of plasticisers, which are frequently used in flexible PVC products such as cables, flooring, and roofing membranes. Evonik already offers ELATUR CH and ELATUR DPT as part of its plasticiser range.

Evonik says it has commissioned preliminary planning to determine how existing production capacities at the Marl site can be expanded. When this planning is complete, the basic engineering phase is expected to begin, which will define the basic requirements for the new facilities and provide details on production volumes. Construction work is the next step after this.

Paul Harmsen, vice president of strategic marketing at Evonik Performance Intermediates, comments: “We are confident of the future viability of our oxo alcohol INA and our INA-based plasticizers VESTINOL 9 and ELATUR CH.

“With the new products, we are addressing the specific needs of our customers and complementing our portfolio on a step-by-step basis.”

Roland Pietz, head of the oxo alcohols and plasticizers market segment at Performance Intermediates, adds: “In addition to a balanced product portfolio, supply security is particularly relevant for our customers.

“Our response to this is to take measures to further secure the availability of plasticizers and the raw materials used to produce them.”

Earlier this week, IVK Europe – a group representing producers of PVC products – warned that the industry is facing serious challenges, including a shortage in the supply of raw materials. As the plastics industry faces price surges and Force Majeures across the value chain, security of resources will be a key issue going forward.