Essentra Packaging has announced its collaboration with Advanced Material Development (AMD) in developing a new generation of Time Temperature Indicators (TTIs), a smart packaging technology for the pharmaceutical sector.

The project will combine the strengths of Essentra Packaging and AMD, with the aim of delivering relevant future packaging solutions and enhancing patient safety. Essentra Packaging will provide its packaging industry knowledge specifically focused on the unique needs of the pharmaceutical market, its applications skills and technology, and its customer portfolio.

AMD will leverage its technology knowledge and advances in the field of colour-changing polymeric photonic crystals led by Dr Izabela Jurewicz, Chief Scientific Officer at AMD, and developed by the AMD teams at the Universities of Surrey and Sussex.

Tiffany Overstreet, Innovation & Sustainability Director at Essentra Packaging, explains the significance of the project: “One of the major hurdles for the pharmaceutical packaging sector today is that technologies such as TTIs are important for patient safety, particularly in today’s more complex and cold chain supply routes, but are often cost-prohibitive to implement.

“We want to change that from the ground up – we’re taking tomorrow’s pharma packaging technology and shaping it into something today’s packaging designers can access. What we are creating is new to today’s market and we’re proud to be working with a true industry force in AMD.”

Dr Izabela Jurewicz adds: “What distinguishes our TTI technology is its ability to be customised according to the application or need. The AMD ‘nLight’ photonic crystal platform offers extreme tuneability and adaptability, to give truly market-leading performance.”

In other news, Essentra announced a strategic partnership agreement with Crane Currency, a pioneer in the development of overt security features, to develop a range of next-generation security features for the pharmaceutical and beauty packaging industry.

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