Storopack 16.04.24

Storopack’s new paper cushioning system, PAPERplus Classic CX, produces paper cushions that adapt to the shape of shipping goods and protect medium-sized and large shipping cartons from damage.

Users can operate the machine via touch screen or foot pedal, and a selection of modes allows flexible production. The operator can choose between three different speeds and various padding properties to increase packing comfort. 

According to Storopack, the individual cushions can be easily separated from each other due to perforated paper, meaning the machine does not need a blade. It says that paper cushions can be stored up for later use or produced individually as and when required, and the paper consumable can be delivered via pallets, enabling long usage periods. 

The paper cushions are also suitable for wrapping products, and block and brace shipping goods within the box. Aiming for a more efficient use of materials, the volume of the paper pads can be individually adjusted for each item being shipped. 

Last year, SEE revealed its BubbleWrap Brand inflatable air pillows, containing a minimum of 95% recycled plastic content. Hoping to cut down on both material usage and energy consumption, the pillows are thinner than LDPE inflatable cushions. 

More recently, Fourniture Industrie Service produced bubble wrap made of recycled kraft paper, aiming to meet demand for sustainability-minded packaging without compromising on product protection. Designed to replace traditional plastic bubble wrap, the paper alternative claims to optimize shock absorption and protect delicate items in transit and storage. 

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