LeadEdge Flexo has released a new mounting material made of bio-based polyethylene and seeks to lower the reliance on synthetic virgin material in corrugated post-printing solutions while maintaining high performance and versatility.

The material, known as cbak evolve, is a closed-cell foam mounting material designed to meet converters’ evolving needs. It is said to contain at least 30% bio-based, third-party certified C14 material while retaining the quality and on-press benefits of other cbak products; and, as it is resistant to both water and solvent, it is thought to ensure dimensional accuracy across the web, eliminating high and low spots.

LeadEdge Flexo explains that cbak evolve unlocks operational advantages – consistent ink coverage, reduced dot gain, less fluting on corrugated substrates, high-quality imaging for complex print jobs, and more – by lowering the height of photopolymer printing plates. Their lifespan is reportedly extended via reduced pressure settings and ‘exceptional’ memory and rebound characteristics.

Available in a range of thicknesses, the foam seeks to offer a resource-efficient design and ‘exceptional’ print performance. It aims to bring LeadEdge Flexo one step further to its sustainability strategy, offer a sustainability-minded printing stereo for the corrugated market, and prove that high quality and sustainability can coexist in one material.

“cbak is recognized globally as a brand corrugated printers can trust but it is time for the material to evolve into a more sustainable solution,” says Michael Owen, managing director at LeadEdge Flexo. “cbak evolve encompasses our core values.

“It does not compromise on quality or performance, it does not compromise on value, it is a solution which is at the forefront of our innovative thinking. Displacing fossil-based ingredients with renewable plant-based resources is a positive, logical step and the material should be supported and celebrated by printers and brands alike.

“As an industry, we need to continue the evolution to circular resources and cbak evolve is the first step of our journey here at LeadEdge.”

Other developments in flexographic printing came to light last year; BOBST and tesa joined forces to develop high-quality printing solutions and provide more cohesive support systems for their customers. tesa sought to offer its expertise in advanced plate mounting tapes, amongst other areas.

XSYS also developed its nyoflex FTV Digital hard durometer photopolymer plate for the flexographic printing of flexible packaging with solvent inks. It aspires to deliver ‘superior’ overall equipment efficiency in plate production and provide high-quality print.

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