A new, fully automated case de-stacker solution from JBT’s Proseal aims for maximized efficiency, speed, and user safety in case packing equipment.

The CDS Case De-Stacker is designed to automatically de-stack cases and deliver them to a case packing machine – a function set to relieve operators of the demand for repetitive manual handling and loading.

It utilizes quick change tooling and a recipe-driven control system to de-stack cases made of both RPC and cardboard, of all standard sizes, and in either orientation on the same machine. At less than a minute, the system is said to match the changeover speed of the market-leading product.

Up to 35 cases can be delivered per minute, according to Proseal, and single or multiple stacked cases can be delivered to manual packing lines and existing automated packaging equipment, such as its CP2, CP3, and CP4 case packing systems.

The length of the feed conveyor can also be configured to fit different applications and give up to an hour of operation before a reload is required.

Meanwhile, a muting light has been implemented to meet the relevant safety standards. Muting sensors are used to identify a stack of cases from an operator entering the area to prevent injuries.

Proseal also shares spare parts across its tray sealing, case packing, and de-stacker ranges; this is intended to unlock efficient stock management, ensure its machines run at the necessary production speeds, and cut down on downtime, interruptions, and costs.

“Our commitment to innovation and efficiency shines through, with the launch of our groundbreaking CDS Case De-Stacker,” says Nick Severn, product line manager for End of Line Solutions. “By automating the de-stacking process, we’re not just complementing our award-winning case packing equipment – we’re revolutionising packaging efficiency.

“We’re proud to offer a solution that not only enhances operational speed but also prioritizes the safety of our operators.”

Another development saw Proseal add its CP4 case packer to its Case Packing range last year. Reportedly able to pack up to 240 trays per minute in certain applications, the machine is geared towards easy integration into high-volume production lines, at which point user-friendly operation and advanced features can be utilized.

Omega Design also unveiled its Automatic Robotic Unscrambler at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023. The solution uses a parallel-kinematic, multi-axis, pick-and-place robot module to separate, orient, and position bottles in a smarter sorting process.

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