With their unusual rectangular format, Sonoco’s SquareCans stand out at the point of sale. Printable lids produced with in-mould labelling technology (IML), such as a convenient hinge lid, offer additional printing space for brand messaging, or for extra content, such as recipes and health tips. The virtually square shape of the rigid paperboard container also increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of logistics processes, as it optimally uses the available space during transport and in storage facilities. Sonoco produces the Hermetic SquareCan in a newly developed process that considerably increases the container’s stability. In addition, a sealed-on aluminium membrane turns the new solution into an air- and gastight vault perfect for sensitive products like coffee, nuts or even baby food products, including powdered infant formula (PIF).

Sustainability as a crucial factor

When it comes to creating new packaging solutions or improving existing ones, Sonoco’s development team always considers the use of recycled materials and possibilities for recycling after use, in addition to features that will keep the product safe and attract consumers. A printable paper-bottom for instance, further enhances the recyclability of the new Hermetic SquareCan. “We put sustainability at the heart of our product development”, explains Andreas Rothschink, Sales Director at Sonoco Consumer Products Europe. “The use of IML technology, for example, enables us to produce mono-material plastic packaging where both the container and the lid are made of polypropylene and thus have a recycling rate of close to 100 percent. At the same time, we produce our rigid paper containers using recycled paperboard as the main material.”