Resource-saving solution for sustainable food

As an established retailer, Feneberg has always championed regionally produced food of the highest quality. The obvious conclusion is to also use packaging that conserves resources. Less plastic and better recyclability were prerequisites, and at least the same level of quality in terms of protection, freshness, best before date and transportability.

“A product as sensitive as fresh minced meat places high demands on the packaging. It goes without saying that this requires specialised, flexible packaging that does not compromise in terms of product protection,” says Max Wolfmaier, Sustainability Manager at Schur Flexibles, commenting on the high level of performance achieved by the film. The fact that all requirements across the board were fulfilled was not only due to the rethink initiative, but was also a result of the close cooperation between client Feneberg, packaging manufacturer Schur Flexibles and machine supplier Ulma Packaging.

From 100 to 7 - huge savings in logistics

Since the new solution has allowed for a 70% reduction in the amount of plastic used, this has consequently led to a significant reduction in transport volume for packaging material. Christian Gareiß, Head of Production Technology at Feneberg, explains: “By converting our minced meat packaging to a flow-wrap, we bring 35,700 kg less plastic into the market each year. In the past, a maximum of around 5,000 sales units were made with one pallet of the packaging material.

“With our flow-wrap packaging we can produce up to 81,000 sales units with one single pallet. This means that if in the past 100 trucks have been needed to deliver the packaging material “tray”, today only a maximum of 7 trucks are on the road to deliver the film material that will then produce the same number of sales units.”

The new packaging concept combines the required high levels of product protection and machinability with greater sustainability. It has already been well received by Feneberg consumers. Therefore, the next step will be to offer all other self-service meat products in this innovative packaging.

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