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In response, Mondi rapidly adopted bio-based PE made from sugarcane to develop a new laminate consisting of a mix of standard PE and the new sugarcane-based PE. This solution provides the peelability needed for easy opening. And with sealing temperatures and times comparable to standard PE laminates, Paulig could incorporate the bio-based PE smoothly into existing production operations.

To provide customers, consumers, and recyclers with useful tools for realising their individual sustainability ambitions, innovators at Mondi are constantly challenging the limits of what materials and processes can accomplish. BarrierPack Recyclable, material recovery and bio-PE are just the beginning. Mondi will continue to bring new innovations to the market – and to support sustainability projects initiated by peers. By creating momentum across the value chain, linear business models will gradually give way to a circular plastics economy that is better for the environment – and for business.