A number of new products being showcased on the Silgan Closures stand at drinktec will underline the company’s extensive capabilities in the development of both metal and plastic closure solutions for the drink and food markets.

In its plastic closure ranges, the company will be demonstrating its pioneering technology for the bottled water market with a new sealing system for five gallon containers that improves hygiene levels while delivering important sustainability benefits, as well as a new Flip Top sports cap for on-the-go beverages.

Latest metal closure innovations include a new next-generation design for baby food jars that provides easier access and spooning out for larger sizes.

Also on display will be a brand new capping system specifically designed for lower speed filling operations.  In addition, Silgan Closures will outline the availability of its comprehensive ‘one-stop solution’ to meet all customer requirements through its Total System Approach service.

Silgan Dispensing Systems at interpack 2017.

K-Seal ClosureThe new K-Seal Closure for 5 gallon water bottles features Silgan Closures’ unique Probe+® system, suitable for a wide range of water coolers, which ensures full plug engagement to the cooler spike with minimal risk of misapplication and detached plugs.  The reformulated Flow Seal material dramatically reduces the ability for microbes to attach themselves to the material surface and survive, while a reduction in pigment usage substantially reduces the risk of taste or odour issues.

At the same time, use of the latest manufacturing techniques, along with a new resin and low-power consumption during production, reduces the closure’s carbon footprint.  Equally important, the closure retains the overall height of a traditional five gallon closure, meaning it can run on existing lines with little or no adjustment to filling or capping equipment.

Flip Top The latest Flip Top sports cap combines ease of application for fillers with end-user convenience.  The robust design incorporates a tamper-evident spout for consumer safety and the one-handed opening ensures ease of use.  It has been designed for maximum line efficiency and complies with the BSDA code of practice for sports closures.

New Metal ClosureThe new metal closure solutions on display demonstrate Silgan’s ability to meet current market trends and requirements.  Its new 54mm and 60mm PRH PT (Press-On, Twist-Off) closures for baby food jars enable larger size neck finishes to be achieved in order to facilitate easier access and spooning out of the product.  This has been achieved through a redesigned glass finish that allows the height of the closure to be reduced at the edge so that less material is needed, while enabling the closure diameter to be increased to 54mm and 60mm from the more traditional 51mm.

New CapperFor lower-speed capping operations, Silgan has launched a new system.  The SWC 150 capper is capable of around 100-150 jars per minute and is suitable for all Twist-Off® diameters from 38mm to 82mm.  The stainless steel design meets the latest hygiene standards and the machine is CE compliant.

Total System For all its solutions on display, Silgan’s Total System Approach provides customers with a complete service in the creation of a closure, comprising design, choice of decoration, advice and supply of suitable filling and capping equipment and support in the meeting of relevant food and drink standards and regulations.

drinktec – Silgan Closures, Hall A4, Stand 531September 11 – 15, 2017, Munich Germany

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