One of Europe’s leading equine nutrition companies, HAVENS Horsefeed, has selected Mondi’s unique Advantage Semi Extensible White Print for its latest brand Gastro+. The paper is the first sack kraft grade to combine excellent physical strength with great printability.

Mondi’s Advantage Semi Extensible White Print is the perfect sack kraft paper for equine feed producer HAVENS Horsefeed. In 2016 HAVENS formulated a new award-winning feed for horses and ponies that suffer from digestive problems or stomach ulcers. To set the new product and its launch apart from the existing portfolio and raise market awareness, HAVENS was looking for an outstanding and unique packaging and upfront paper solution to promote the product, its quality and the brand design.Describing the requirements to be met by the packaging, Hans Graat, plant manager HAVENS Horsefeed, says, “We wanted to give a final special touch to our new brand Gastro+, and created a unique brand visual with outstanding colours. This gave rise to the challenge of finding the right paper to make the desired impact. We were keen to reflect the high quality of our product on the outside of the packaging, and were therefore looking for high gloss and whiteness.

On the other hand, the bag needed to be not only very strong to protect the feed against outside influences, but also cost-effective and easy to carry and use for our customers. Our supplier Mondi Industrial Bags, in cooperation with Mondi Sack Kraft Paper, supported us in the decision making process.”

Mondi Industrial Bags has been working with HAVENS Horsefeed for more than 20 years. It collaborates with both Mondi Sack Kraft Paper and the logistics and supply-industry platform Trademax. Mondi’s bag experts convert paper bags for the feed producer and know the customer’s requirements very well. They also understand that the right choice of paper is crucial to achieving the best possible bag, converting and printing performance. According to Davide Battiston, sales manager of Mondi Gradisac Industrial Bags, “When we first heard about the new HAVENS product and saw its brand visual with the outstanding colours and print motive, we immediately knew that the only paper to use was Advantage Semi Extensible White Print, which our Sack Kraft Paper colleagues launched in 2015.”

Improved branding options for strong, cost-effective and eye-catching bags

For Mondi Industrial Bags, Advantage Semi Extensible White Print offers customers multiple benefits, explains Davide Battiston, “It offers the best printability in the sack kraft paper segment while allowing a simple bag composition with enhanced strength. This grade reduces ink consumption thanks to a unique surface that absorbs less ink than comparable papers. Customers who select the semi extensible print grade do not have to sacrifice outer ply strength in order to obtain brilliant printability – it delivers both properties at once. It also allows a lower grammage paper to be used as an inner ply. In consequence, we could offer HAVENS Horsefeed a more cost-effective solution while fully satisfying its requirements.”

Advantage Semi Extensible White Print is produced on the cutting-edge PM7 paper machine at the Mondi Štětí mill in the Czech Republic. It is a calendered extensible sack kraft paper that brings together high tensile energy absorption (TEA) and very good runnability with the excellent printability of a smooth finish paper. “We especially recommend its use as an outer ply of valve bags when high strength, supreme convertibility and a brilliant appearance are required. The outstanding printability is ensured by excellent sheet formation, high paper gloss, good surface smoothness, and optimised surface roughness and topography. The high printing quality translates into sharper images and improved branding possibilities for special bag solutions,” says Conny Josefsson, sales director Mondi Sack Kraft Paper.

From the customer’s perspective, the outcome is perfect, as Hans Graat remarks, “I am delighted that we chose Advantage Semi Extensible White Print and are working with Mondi Sack Kraft Paper. We have received very positive feedback about the new product, the printing and bag performance from our customers around the world.”Mondi’s Advantage Semi Extensible White Print amalgamates several technical and logistical advantages:

•    Printability – Brilliant printability is ensured by excellent sheet formation, high paper gloss, good surface smoothness, and optimised surface roughness and topography.

•    Paper strength – Compared to existing smooth finished grades, Mondi’s new sack kraft papers provide enhanced strength.

•    Optimised warehousing – Using only one paper quality instead of two for bag construction, Mondi helps producers to reduce their stock variety, which helps to bring down total costs. 

•    Print quality – For customers, the high print quality of Advantage Kraft White Print and Advantage Semi Extensible White Print means sharper images, improved bag branding possibilities and cost savings thanks to lower ink absorption. 

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