In a series of five Innovation Spotlight articles, AG Solution will go beyond the buzzwords and explain how a digitalization journey can be a means to dealing with very practical problems and challenges in your specific environment.

Industry 4.0, Analytics, Internet of things ... When it comes to digitalizing your manufacturing/production environment, there are lots of fancy words that vendors use to describe what you need and what they offer.

We prefer to define the digitalization journey as a means to dealing with your practical problems and challenges in your specific environment. That’s when you get the best results: by starting from your particular situation and embarking on the journey with a reliable guide.

Don’t get us wrong: we love technology, and we are deeply convinced that the right use of a Manufacturing Execution System – or MES, as it is commonly called – is the ideal solution to many practical problems and challenges. But we are equally convinced that you need to clearly define what you want to achieve before you embark on any digitalization journey, using MES or any other technology. MES is an encompassing set of divergent technologies, each geared towards solving a specific issue.

In a series of five articles, we intend to present some of these functionalities, and how they serve in moving your organization forward.

More specifically, we will be focusing on how to:

  • Ensure consistent and just weighing of all materials while speeding up manual dosing activities
  • Find the ideal planning and scheduling, taking into account all constraints
  • Maintain information to enable product tracking and tracing, and to enable genealogy
  • Ensure product quality and optimize production by integrating with the right quality tools
  • Automatically and effortlessly create the right reports to ensure a complete overview of the manufacturing processes


After reading the entire series, you will probably have recognized one or more scenarios that perfectly describe some pains within your organization. If so: congratulations, you are ready to embark on a journey towards Industry 4.0! You may not yet need the entire stack of MES-technologies straightaway, but you do see the potential for at least one.

AG Solution will gladly accompany you on this journey, and even before. We can help you assess what you have and what you will be needing to reach your destination. We can carry out the implementation activities with you. And we will gladly support the resulting environment, to ensure that you keep enjoying the benefits of your newly automated manufacturing and/or production processes. We are with you throughout the journey, provide the best possible advice and support on every step along the way.

But first let us embark on this series of articles, which hopefully convince you that Industry 4.0 is more than a hollow phrase. It can be a tangible solution to a very real problem or ambition. Join us on this reading ride, and keep your eyes open for some surprising insights.

By the end of the ride you will hopefully be inspired to take the next step: put Industry 4.0 to practice, and put some MES functionality to work. We will gladly be your guide and companion, on both journeys.

Can’t wait to start your digitalization journey? Contact us today and our experts will help you get started.

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