Medichecks launched its blood tests in new, user-friendly, multi-functional and attractive new packaging, making blood tests easier and more accessible to all. 

The packaging design agency Burgopak were briefed to create a pack that enhances the testing experience and communicates instructions for use clearly to minimize user error. Burgopak also needed to create a flexible solution to accommodate multiple combinations of test equipment, easy to fulfill, robust and with a limited depth to meet postal restrictions. Finally, the new pack was required to extend Medicheck’s brand values of reliability and trustworthiness through the user experience and overall look and feel.

Burgopak designed a pack that clearly lays out the different steps to be taken for the blood test and exposes information and equipment in stages, effectively leading the user through the process in a simple and straightforward way. The pack consolidates the different testing equipment in a single packaging unit while simultaneously presenting the contents in an organized and neat way. In itself, the pack becomes an integrated part of the testing process as it also provides a handy and easy way to hold test tubes in place and in order.  Alun Hindle, CEO at Medichecks: “We’re very happy with the new pack. The boxes make packing the kits much easier and the feedback we have had from customers is very positive. We have seen a definite pick-up in activity this year as a result of this and other various new marketing activities.” 

Medichecks sell thousands of tests yearly, from individual markers like vitamin D or testosterone to complete wellness profiles checking for diabetes, heart disease risk, hormone status and more. Medichecks combines the latest in consumer technology with state-of-the-art laboratory testing from the UK’s leading pathology labs to deliver a friendly, trustworthy and intuitive product to its customers. Burgopak is a London based packaging company and design agency, which has been active in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets for a decade. With a host of design awards & nominations to their name and through their patented packaging solutions Burgopak have gained a powerful reputation as innovators in the packaging design industry. 

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