MAUSER Group presented innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for a circular economy of tomorrow during this year's FachPack.

The focus was on sustainable Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) with barrier properties, plastic drums made of recycled material and a unique load securing system for drums.  

IBC with barrier properties for a modern circular economy 

At the MAUSER booth, a new barrier technology for Composite IBCs was presented: The MAUSER SkINliner™ IBC protects sensitive filling goods by using an additional inner liner with outstanding barrier properties, which can be adapted to specific customer requirements. The main advantages of the SkINliner™ versus a conventional multilayer IBC are the considerably reduced use of barrier plastic material, close barrier proximity to the filling good and in consequence close to no pollution of the rigid plastic wall of the IBC. The new product was granted all common approvals for the transportation of hazardous goods. The inner liner is to be removed from the IBC easily, the used container is ready for reconditioning and reuse – a superior solution for better recycling and less material to be disposed.  

Comprehensive offering of plastic drums made of recycled material for various fields of application 

The MAUSER Infinity SeriesTM plastic drums are made of post-industrial resin, which is manufactured from used industrial packaging in the company’s own state-of-theart recycling center. MAUSER customers can choose from open head drum design OTop® with a 30 l to 220 l capacity, and the 220 l capacity tight head drum L-Ring PLUS®, both in mono- or multilayer. Based on the high quality of the recycled material and the manufacturing competence of MAUSER's European sites, the plastic drum series received dangerous goods approvals for Group I solids and Group II liquids. The Infinity series is in high demand because it is more environmentally friendly than plastic drums made from virgin material and has a lower CO2 footprint. 

Drumguard® – Safe and sustainable drum loading and transporting 

Users of industrial packaging are facing increasing challenges with regard to load securing and sustainability. Often, transport safety is realized by using large quantities of load securing materials. In global goods transport, however, these solutions are not practical for the entire distribution chain, as picking and rearranging of cargo is common. Drumguard® Quattro improves this process by combining economic advantages with a modern, sustainable concept. This unique product enables customers to form loading units by quickly securing drums on pallets in compliance with domestic and international traffic as well as dangerous goods regulations. 

Support for the circular economy with the Infinity SeriesTM

The National Container Group is offering sustainable, intelligent and eco-friendly solutions for industrial packaging to its customers on a global level. The services provided include the collection of empty packaging from various manufacturers through the NCG RECOLLECT SYSTEM, the reconditioning of used packaging, the recycling of various material components as well as the delivery of requirements based packaging solutions for individual customers.