The Heilbronn-based die-maker Marbach offers its success tool in stripping: the masterstrip|plate.

Not only for standard applications, this tool, when supplemented with a presser plate in the male stripper, may also be applied to special areas. Since the masterstrip|plate for the production of cigarette packaging is optionally available with prebreaking of flaps.  

Marbach sales director international, Bernhard Reisser: ‘‘Already more than half of our stripping tools are in masterstrip|plate design. The sheet can be optimally positioned and fixed to the tool during the stripping process, through a build-in presser plate in the male stripper. The female stripper is equipped with the sheet lifter marbafly.

This results in a very stable stripping process and allows very high machine speeds, waste-free and best stripping performance. Also for difficult requirements.’’  The option of pre-breaking flaps --- that can be integrated into the masterstrip|plate --- is used in the cigarette packaging area of application.  

Reisser continues: ‘‘This additional option ensures perfectly opened flaps. And a smooth packaging process.’’  With conventional techniques, automatic pre-breaking of flaps with the male stripper or blanker was often an uncertain process that could lead to interruptions during the production flow. Pre-breaking of flaps has become a safe automated process with the Marbach technology masterstrip|plate. 

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