Although sometimes overlooked as an everyday commodity, Antalis Packaging is reminding businesses that a few small changes to their packaging process can make a big overall difference to their bottom line.

Recent years have seen modern packaging solutions become a much more important part of the business model. With a burgeoning e-commerce market, consumers are increasingly seeking rapid, hassle-free deliveries and today’s businesses are spending more than ever before on packaging to carry their goods safely and quickly. In fact, according to the Federation of Packaging, packaging currently accounts for sales in excess of £11 billion1 - a figure which looks set to increase aligned to the retail landscape.

As a company committed to driving innovation in packaging, Antalis is calling on businesses to find  the time to take stock of their packaging procedures, address issues and make improvements where necessary in order to significantly reduce costs.  

Andrew Smedley, Divisional Manager at Antalis Packaging, comments: “With Brexit uncertainty hitting business confidence, many are looking to reduce outlays and conserve costs where possible. Assessing and enhancing their current packaging model may not be the first thing that springs to mind, however it can make a remarkable difference – not only in terms of reducing materials costs, but speeding up the packaging process and optimising overall efficiencies. 

“At Antalis Packaging, for example, we have found that something as simple as swapping a standard box to a ‘crash lock’ bottom alternative that is quicker and easier to assemble, can have a ripple effect; helping to speed up the packing times from 60 to 120 items an hour and resulting in an overall cost saving of 5% per item. 

“As online retail growth continues to escalate, so will the demand on modern packaging. As such, we’d urge customers to take advantage of our free smart audit where we will work with them to help streamline any process and cost where packaging is involved.

”Antalis’ top tips to improve packaging efficiency and save money include: 

  • Reduce your packaging materials - It’s better to order smaller volumes for regular delivery as you need them, that way you can save valuable storage space.
  • Rethink your box design – The cheapest packaging isn’t always the most cost effective solution. By choosing a self-erecting model, for example, you may be able to improve packaging times and, in turn, productivity. 
  • Improve your warehouse capacity - Taking the time to reassess your packaging can help to create additional space within your warehouse, therefore increasing its overall capacity, keeping you storage costs to a minimum.
  • Damaged packages, damage your profits – If a package is damaged or broken in transit it eats into profit margins – not only because you’ll need to replace it but because of the reputational damage. Making sure your item is correctly packaged is vital, considering both the strength and the quality of the material.