Retailers who need to send wine bottles through the post can now do this both safely and in an environmentally friendly way thanks to Flexi-Hex®, an innovative 100% plastic free packaging system being launched today by Macfarlane Packaging, a supplier of protective packaging.

Flexi-Hex® made from recycled materials, is biodegradable and is wholly plastic-free. Its design encompasses a concertina style honeycomb sleeve protector that expands to form an impact resistant layer around bottles.   

For eCommerce businesses, the pack includes a self-sealing pinch top postal box, which further protects by suspending the contents, preventing movement during transit.  It can also be used as gift packaging and can be branded to maximise brand impact.

Commenting on the product launch, Laurel Granville, Marketing Director for Macfarlane Packaging said: “Our customers expect packaging to not only protect their products but also to be environmentally friendly. Flexi-Hex® is a brilliant solution as it is not only 100% plastic free – even the adhesive is water-based – but it’s kerbside recyclable too.   It is a perfect alternative to the popular polystyrene bottle packs as it protects from damage but is also easy to store and assemble.”