Unilever's Lynx is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its longest-running fragrance, Africa, with a new limited edition range designed by brand design agency PB Creative. 

Launched in 1995, the Lynx Africa variant, with its recognisable green and red colouring and woody aroma, is reportedly the most popular body spray fragrance in the UK, selling over 20 million units per year.

The new limited-edition range is being released as part of Lynx’s “Hot Since ‘95” campaign, which celebrates 25 years of the fragrance and aims to take fans on a journey back in time to 1995 when it was conceived.

Available across the UK, the new limited-edition packaging features key events, figures, and cultural moments from 1995 as well as sporting Lynx Africa’s colours of red, green and black. The celebratory packs will also include a snap code that shoppers can scan to enter a virtual reality of the TV advert, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the campaign through virtual reality portals, filters and lenses.


Amy Elshenawy, Design Director, PB Creative commented: “Our challenge was to create a celebratory limited-edition range design to sit seamlessly within the full Hot Since ’95 25th anniversary communications campaign. We’ve leveraged this iconic fragrance’s past and redefined its future and look forward to collaborating with the Lynx team for the next 25 years!”

Jamie Brooks, Senior Brand Lead, Lynx added: “The limited-edition range that PB Creative has developed is fantastic. Strong in isolation and even more powerful as part of the full campaign. With its legendary status in the UK, Lynx Africa has been one of the nation’s favourite fragrances for two and a half decades. From teenage bedrooms and gym locker rooms to Christmas stockings, it’s been ‘Hot Since ’95’. Our campaign and limited-edition packaging range are all about celebrating the role Lynx Africa has played in British culture.”

The new limited edition range including body spray, body wash and antiperspirant is now rolling out across stores in the UK market only with a special edition gift set planned for Christmas 2020.