Advanced Dynamics Ltd will be showcasing the automated labelling systems that can help transform speciality food manufacturers’ profits, at this year’s Harrogate Fine Food Show at the Yorkshire Event Centre.

Fine food producers have traditionally been reluctant converts to automated production processes for fear of impacting on their artisan status and the possible perception that it would take a significant chunk out of the capital budget.

Some still deploy manual resources for repetitive and time consuming processes such as labelling products, which is prone to human error and draws staff away from more productive tasks. If labels are skewed, damaged or out of position, then production is interrupted and delays occur in getting products to market, while if these faults get through they can damage the integrity of the brand.

A leading supplier of high quality labelling systems, Bradford-based Advanced Dynamics will be demonstrating at the Fine Food Show the cost-effective equipment that will not break the bank, but will ensure products get to market quickly, without compromising on presentation quality and the critical message to consumers.

Desk-top labellers, like Pack Leader’s ELF series exclusively available in the UK from Advanced Dynamics, are ideal for replacing manual labelling. The ELF 20 and ELF 50 take up little space, can help increase productivity by as much as 500% and are excellent options for accurately labelling containers, cartons and bottle shapes. 

Fine food companies who have taken the plunge and turned to automated labelling processes have enjoyed significant advantages, such as a major boost in production compared to previous labour intensive methods.  

Advanced Dynamics also caters for larger food manufacturers with off-the-shelf and bespoke automated bottling, capping, sleeving and labelling solutions that can help streamline operations for a range of sectors including dairy, ready meals, bakery and fresh produce.

Malcolm Little, managing director of Advanced Dynamics, said: “By tapping into the latest packaging technology food producers can maximise productivity and improve competitiveness. We’re delighted to be at the Harrogate Fine Food Show with labelling equipment that is continually pushing the boundaries and providing winning solutions for the food industry.”

Food manufacturers of any size attending the Fine Food Show are being urged to visit the Advanced Dynamics stand (154) to see for themselves the latest automated labelling systems that can help ensure their future in an increasingly competitive and discerning marketplace. 

Harrogate Fine Food Show, Yorkshire Event Centre, June 26-27, Stand 154

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