Kompuestos, a producer of sustainable plastic compounds, has developed a bioplastic made entirely from potato starch which reportedly biodegrades in four weeks.

The formulation of this bioplastic, which is part of Kompuestos' Biokomp range, aims to replace traditional supermarket plastic bags for fruit and vegetables and thus significantly reduce carbon footprint. This and three other products of the company's Biokomp range have reportedly obtained the "OK Compost" label from TÜV Austria which certifies that they are 100% biodegradable in a specific period.

The Biokomp range is based on biodegradable resins made from different starches derived from corn, potato and various types of cereals, as well as other polymers of renewable origin. According to the company, these resins can be processed by standard processing equipment.

By using raw materials of natural origin for the manufacture of the range, Kompuestos argues that this allows a reduction in both dependence on materials of petrochemical origin and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere at the end of their useful life (by 30-80% depending on the material and application).

Ignacio Duch, president of Kompuestos said: “We have a long way ahead, but this marks the beginning of offering sustainable solutions. At Kompuestos we believe in innovation which is beneficial for society and we will keep working towards that goal”.