Kite’s ‘Stretch Safe’ system is a manual mobile wrapping system, designed to wrap any pallet under 2 metres in height. Fast, easy to use and highly efficient a key feature of the system is its mobility, something that traditional automated turntable solutions cannot offer.

‘Stretch Safe’ has proved to be popular with customers who have seen increased consumption of hand wrapping film but for whom the volumes required don’t justify the capital investment of a fully automated pallet wrapping system. A spokesman for the company commented, “Research carried out by packaging technologists in our specialist ‘Load-retention’ division identified a great opportunity for a system like ‘Stretch safe’. We have received hugely positive feedback from customers and we see the new system as the perfect addition to our range’.

The system can be used to wrap any pallet load or object as long as there is 600mm of space around the pallet. The tension control allows users to consistently wrap pallets and the system has shown a 40% time saving compared to the traditional method of hand wrapping.The system also comes with a roping device, this narrows the film until a rope is created, ensuring the pallet is secured from the top and bottom, and the cutting device allows users to simply cut the film once finished.

Used in conjunction with Kite’s high-performance stretch film, exclusively developed by Kite specifically for use with the stretch safe system, it offers high puncture resistance, high holding force, and a 60% stretch to give over 3000 metres of film. 

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