Kite Packaging, a UK-based employee-owned packaging manufacturer, achieved carbon neutrality in 2021, as certified by Carbon Neutral Britain.

As a largescale logistics operation, Kite says that it had two main carbon contributors: fuel and energy. Firstly, the company offset its truck fuel at source, bringing its carbon footprint in this category to zero.

As an ISO14001 accredited company, energy consumption was already being strategically reduced, though to achieve carbon neutrality Kite initiated a move toward renewable tariffs utilising wind, wave and solar energy.

Carbon Neutral Britain verified this achievement in 2021 and neutralised the carbon that was not offset at source using Verified Carbon Credits.

Kite hopes that an upcoming move into a new state-of-the-art site will make it capable of championing further eco-friendly initiatives with “uncapped creativity”.

The building will be entirely carbon neutral through solar technology, with the potential to be carbon negative.