UK-based thermoformed packaging firm Kingsmoor Packaging has recently launched a new lightweighting initiative known as ‘KPL Cirrus’.

Pioneered by Kingsmoor’s R&D team, KPL Cirrus works by creating a unique pattern in the sidewalls of a thermoformed container. As the container is formed, a series of small pockets are created where material continually gets slightly ‘affixed’ during the thermoforming process.

According to the company, this in turn creates stronger sidewalls with less material, thereby creating a much lighter yet stronger pack.

“As expected, there has been considerable positive interest in KPL Cirrus from our customers,” says Kingsmoor Packaging’s managing director, James Hill.

“And while we appreciate that lightweighting might not be the ultimate answer to producing sustainable packaging, KPL Cirrus represents an important step towards achieving a more sustainable solution to a hugely complex problem.

“Amongst the positives in this scenario - the use of less energy, less material and the increase in transport efficiency - lightweighting is ultimately about utilising the great benefits that plastics bring to food packaging, but using only what is totally necessary to make the product fit for purpose. The initiative also enables both our customers and us to reduce carbon emissions wherever we can.”