In this edition of our Innovation Spotlight feature, Merck introduces a webinar on the topic of R-Cycle – a digital product passport for sustainable plastics.

Is your company doing enough to avoid plastic waste? Only 14% of plastic gets recycled, and only 2% of plastic waste is recycled effectively – in other words, it’s converted into something useful. Almost half of all global plastic waste is caused by packaging and sadly, a major share of unrecycled plastic comes from factories and warehouses.

Five companies that are integral to plastic packaging processing have joined forces to advance R-Cycle within a circular economy pilot project. They have made it their task to rethink packaging production and to make the material flow controllable and transparent.

Each company is a global leader in its field: SABIC for polymers, AVIENT for masterbatch, REIFENHÄUSER for machinery, KÖNIG & BAUER Coding for laser systems and MERCK for laser sensitive pigments.

To learn more, don’t miss the opportunity to join the webinar on September 22nd at 10AM CEST. So, how can you benefit from joining this webinar?

  • Learn how we will close the loop together - not enough plastic materials find their way back into the recycling loop. We will show how we can all turn trash into treasure by identifying, tracking, and recovering plastic packaging.
  • Meet the experts - this is a unique opportunity to interact with specialists from polymer, masterbatch, raw material and machinery producers who will be there to present and answer your questions.
  • Discover the power of data - gain important insight into the new digital product passport and how coordination of plastics recycling can be improved

During this webinar on September 22nd, the five companies will explain how the new common technology and data system will help the industry, whether they

  • Use plastic packaging for their business processes
  • Or help produce, recover, or recycle packaging.

The key presentations during the webinar will include:

  • The underlying new standard for tracing plastic packaging and passing on relevant information
  • The development of the masterbatches required to support multi-loop plastic recycling
  • The role played by granulates and certified circular products
  • How laser pigments and advanced laser systems can be used to mark and code packaging sustainably

Join the R-Cycle webinar and learn how five companies aim to transform the way the world sees plastics recycling. And remember the circular economy is not only a trend - it’s our future. For more information and registration please visit the “Turning Trash into Treasure” campaign website: https://www.merckgroup.com/en/s/r-cycle.html

This content was sponsored by Merck.