At the Anuga Foodtec 2018 trade fair that will be held in Cologne from 20 to 23 March Sesotec GmbH in hall 5.2, stand D010, as trade fair highlight presents the completely new-developed RAYCON D+ product inspection system to trade visitors.

With the Intelligent Power Management Software of the RAYCON D+ system Sesotec sets new standards with respect to detection accuracy, application flexibility, and ease of operation. 

Since metal detectors in the food industry reach their limits when they have to inspect products in metallic packagings, more and more producers and processing companies rely on the advantages of X-ray systems which reliably detect a wide variety of contaminants (metals, glass, stones, ceramics, plastics) as well as other defects (broken or missing products). Sesotec's  RAYCON D+ system surpasses the specifications of internationally applicable standards such as IFS and BRC in part by up to 400 percent and features a rate of faulty detections of less than 0.01 percent.

Intelligent Power Management (IPM)The Intelligent Power Management software of the RAYCON D+ system detects the thickness of the product to be inspected and automatically adapts the power of the X-ray source. For example, only little power is required for thin products such as cold cuts. Intelligent Power Management thus also ensures a considerably longer service life of the X-ray source and increases energy efficiency. The system guarantees maximum sensitivity without any need to set special parameters and saves time for the learning of products.

Flexible adaptation to applicationsThe modular design of the RAYCON D+ X-ray scanner allows a quick, uncomplicated, and cost-transparent adaptation to the respective application. The system is available in two basic versions: HD and Dual Energy. It also can be updated at a later time. Thanks to its hygienic design the RAYCON D+ product inspection system can be easily cleaned, and the belt can be replaced without tools within only two minutes.

More ease of operation, less product wasteThe new RAYCON D+ X-ray scanner as standard is equipped with a 15“ HD touch display in 16:9 format with excellent image quality. System operation is similar to Sesotec's metal detectors, which means that extra training is not necessary. The automatic adaptation of the X-ray power to the product, and the Edge Filter that automatically detects the edge e.g. of packagings, provide improved ease of operation and minimise the rate of faulty detections and of product waste. 

In addition to the new RAYCON D+ product inspection system Sesotec at the Anuga Foodtec 2018 also presents the INTUITY metal detector that is excellently suited for applications in the food industry, the low-priced X-ray inspection entry-level model RAYCON EX1, and the new optical sorting machine QUASAR that was specifically developed for the requirements in the  quality inspection of bulk materials. All these systems contribute to the optimisation of processes and to the minimisation of time losses and product waste.

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