Material surfaces like glass, steel, aluminum, wood or plastics are usually exposed to external mechanical conditions (e.g. dust, rubbing…) during manufacturing, processing, transport and storage processes leading to a risk of scratches and damages of the product. 

To help preserve the quality of these surfaces, protective films are applied on top of these materials to provide highly effective protective shields against external shocks and scratches.

Protective films are usually colored and require excellent quality level to avoid any marking of the surfaces, especially during stacking and stamping operations.Ampacet SURFPROTEC is a high quality range of color masterbatches showing very low defect counts and excellent pigment dispersion providing outstanding quality film for use in premium surface protective applications. Ampacet SURFPROTEC range allows an excellent protection of the products’ surfaces against external shocks and scratches occurring during production, transport and handling. Ampacet SURFPROTEC Masterbatches can be used in protective film applications for various industries such as household appliances, automotive, electronics, construction, furniture and others. 

Ampacet has also developed an innovative solution Antiscratch 1000617-E to protect blow molded and injected plastic articles against scratches. These scratches have a negative impact on the aesthetics and perceived quality of the product. Moreover, dust and dirt tend to inlay into the scratched surface making it less hygienic. Ampacet’s new Antiscratch 1000617-E masterbatch is designed to enhance the appearance of injected and blow molded articles by significantly improving the scratch resistance of plastics.

AntiScratch 1000617-E is a powerful additive that helps to avoid wear marks on polyethylene and polypropylene articles generated during manufacturing, transport and handling processes. 

By protecting efficiently the plastic surface against scratches, AntiScratch 1000617-E allows to reduce rejects of plastic products due to scratches that are generated, for example, during manufacturing, handling or transport processes. It reduces also the risk of partial or total refusal of the products by customers which implies extra charges to the manufacturer.

AntiScratch 1000617-E performs well on clear as well as on dark colors where scratches are the most visible. It has no impact on the product’s color, odor or gloss. It provides a long-term protection that lasts during the life cycle of the product.

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