In this Innovation Spotlight, IMA Ilapak introduces its range of flexible packaging solutions which it says can satisfy every form, fill and seal packaging requirement for the food, pharma, medical devices, and wet wipes industries.

Since June 2020, it has been part of FLX, a new hub launched by IMA where the production of machines in the flexible packaging chain converges. A full array of leading technologies are brought together in one facility, where a one-stop supplier drives the quest for excellence, sustainability, and is constantly researching innovative solutions and new eco-compatible materials.

Besides HFFS flow wrappers, HFFS stand-up pouch machines, VFFS vertical baggers, and product feeding and dosing solutions, IMA Ilapak can count on OpenLab – the IMA's network of technological laboratories and testing areas, dedicated to research on sustainable materials, technologies, and production optimization processes.

Thanks to continuous investment in R&D and to OpenLab support, IMA Ilapak can offer packaging solutions specially designed to run new eco-friendly wrapping materials such as paper and recyclable and compostable films. Hermetic sealing for high-speed MAP applications is also ensured with sustainable barrier films.

Several services can be provided, from the material analysis to optimize performances (or fix issues) performed by LAB expert technologists, to customized testing sessions in our showroom with a dedicated team.

360° Consulting, the possibility to identify the best material to achieve customer production goals, material performance evaluation with the aim of achieving the perfect match between machine and flexible film.


We offer consultancy on new generation and sustainable materials that are aimed at reducing or deleting plastic materials and facilitating the switch to sustainable materials. In addition, OpenLab evaluates most emerging sustainable and breakthrough materials before they are even commercially available, in order to know how to run them on the IMA ILAPAK machines.

So, if you are thinking about introducing a new biodegradable, performance-enhanced or ultra-thin film, be sure to take advantage of OpenLab testing capabilities.

Sharing knowledge can undoubtedly help to develop common strategies aimed at sustainability. IMA Ilapak, thanks to OpenLab projects, has strengthened its cooperation and synergy with supply chain companies.

The result of this synergy has been a new 100% compostable and high-barrier packaging. In fact, the five companies involved, IMA FLX hub, Novamont, Saes Coated Films, Sacchital, and TicinoPlast have developed a revolutionary compostable food packaging with high oxygen and water vapour barrier properties.

Deriving from renewable raw materials and suitable for replacing non-recyclable multilayer packaging or packaging contaminated with food residues, the new solution closes the loop. It comes from the earth and, through industrial composting, returns to nourish the earth again.

The project has been launched on the market through the publication of the website, whose purpose is to promote the use of compostable materials, show how they should be disposed of, collect development requests from companies in the sector and create new synergies.

IMA Ilapak’s scientific and empirical approach, unique in the market, combined with a deep knowledge of technology, materials, and customer product are the trump cards to achieve sustainable goals.

This content was sponsored by IMA Ilapak.