Made from pure cellulose fibres, Iggesund Paperboard’s new material has been specifically developed for pressed and folded trays used in food packaging.

“Iggesund Paperboard has a long tradition of working sustainably and producing material that won’t harm the environment. Inverform was developed largely in response to the plastic pollution problem,” says Stefan Söderberg, sales manager at Iggesund Paperboard.

“We were determined to come up with a renewable and recyclable material for food trays that would be more environmentally friendly than plastic, while maintaining the same high packaging performance throughout the value chain.”

The company says that it is marketing its new solution to food and retail companies that are looking for more ways for their products to support a sustainable future.

Also, according to the company, trays made of Inverform with a plastic barrier have a “substantially lower” carbon footprint than the common plastic tray and can be recycled in existing paper packaging recycling schemes.

In addition to its reported sustainability benefits, Iggesund says that its new material also meets the highest standards for food hygiene and protection, ensuring longer life and less food waste. 

“Inverform is the first of a new product application and we are in the process of developing the next generation of barriers since there is an increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions and the requirements are becoming tougher each year. We are continuously improving our products to help our customers with their challenges now and in the future,” concludes Söderberg.