At drinktec, Heuft will present a unique combination of innovative top technologies and proven modules for highly precise product tracking, fault detection and rejection sets new standards in terms of detection accuracy, operational reliability and price / performance ratio.

From brand-new empty bottle inspectors of the HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation to a new category of slimline devices for an affordable introduction to a full container inspection up to Heuft standards:  the technology leader will present cutting-edge innovations for perfect packaging material and safe drinks.  Whether large bottling company or SME, beer, wine, spirits or non-alcoholic drinks, PET or canning line – you will find the right solution for all applications, operational areas and installation positions on the Heuft stand!

The complete range of Heuft products can be experienced there on over 1,000 square metres from the case check to the foreign object inspection.  The highlight is the latest release of the HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform:  even more automated, smarter, more networked and more self-explanatory it makes the reliable operation of modular inspection systems easier than ever before.  New developments based on it for a continuous empty bottle inspection will be shown for the first time as well as several full container inspectors.

A completely new device category provides the perfect introduction to cutting-edge technology up to Heuft standards which among other things carries out a reliable fill level detection or marking check in a confined space. 


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