Healthy snack foods brand, INNATE, has used flexible packaging group, UNI Packaging, to supply them with digitally printed pouches for their growing product range. 

Bristol-based INNATE create snack foods that are made from natural ingredients with no additives. Its founders are inspired by the belief that “food should work with rather than against us, we are on a mission to contribute a more imaginative solution to healthy snacking, creating food that is both in-tune with our innate requirements as a human and outlandishly flavoursome…”. 

With pack design by branding specialist Sand Creative, the pouches are digitally printed via UNI Packaging’s award winning digital print offering, Digiflex®. With a rapid turnaround time due to no plate costs, or any restrictions in number of colours or design, digital print is ideal as a flexible and agile solution. 

UNI Packaging produced an initial digital print run of 20000 packs over 3 SKUs - Beetroot, Butternut Squash, Spinach & Coconut - followed by a second digitally printed order of 90000.

INNATE’s founder, Elsa Valentine, said: “We were initially wowed by the effulgence and fluid dynamism of UNI Packaging's digital outreach, which offered a uniquely revitalising stance on the relatively dry realm of packaging. 

“We have been delighted with the pouches in both print and product quality. They matched our brief with faultless effect, and are the perfect vessel for our innovative, game-changing snack products. We will soon be looking to utilise the future-bending scope of digital print by adding elements of authenticity and interaction, thereby maximising consumer engagement.”

“UNI Packaging continues to proactively assist brands in both the beverage category and in the snacks and confectionery category, through the use of innovation with digital print,” said UNI Packaging’s Matt Baldock. “The flexibility and scalability of digital production has enabled customers such as INNATE, to quickly release multiple printed SKUs to meet retail timelines whilst also allowing them to maintain full control over design and material specifications.”

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