In our latest Innovation Spotlight, Wipak discusses its new sub-brand, GreenChoice, which makes sustainability in flexible packaging an easy choice for its customers.

At Wipak, we have always encouraged consumers to make sustainable choices. But when it comes to the flexible packaging on offer, we know it is our duty to make that choice as simple as possible

GreenChoice by Wipak is our solution to make sustainability in flexible packaging as easy as possible, with a comprehensive product portfolio designed for customers to invest in more sustainable products and set their sights on a green economy.

“Choosing sustainability is not easy enough so that we can make significant progress as quickly as we need to. GreenChoice has been designed for one purpose only: to make the choice in favour of more sustainable packaging as easy as possible,” Hery Henry, Wipak Group Head of Brand and Sustainability.

The complete GreenChoice portfolio is based on three distinctive categories – recyclable, renewable, and recycled material content – all with a focus on reducing the CO2 footprint and environmental impact of the packaging.

In the future, sustainable packaging will no longer be just an advantage, but also a legislated requirement demanded by brand owners, retailers, and consumers. Therefore, offering recyclable solutions and recycled material in our packaging is at the top of our agenda.

With a clear vision for the future, we’ve carefully developed all our GreenChoice recyclable packaging solutions in alignment with recognised Design for Recycling guidelines, such as the CEFLEX D4ACE Guidelines. These can help improve the sorting accuracy and proper recycling of our packaging materials, so that they can be recovered and reprocessed to enable a Circular Economy. Many of our solutions are already certified recyclable.

Our PE and PP-based solutions are fit for a wide range of products and applications. From PP-based thermoformable solutions for vacuum packaged sausages to reclosable solutions for sliced cheese, we are confident that the best sustainable solution for every need lies in GreenChoice.

For more information on the GreenChoice by Wipak complete product range visit www.wipak.com/green-choice or contact our GreenChoice Team Manager, Katharina Machner katharina.machner@wipak.com