Flexi-Hex has launched the 6 Bottle Box, a plastic-free pack designed in-house by the company's creative team to protect premium bottles in transit.

Incorporating a sleeve that Flexi-Hex claims can protect bottles from drop heights of 4 metres, the box also includes a crash-lock base which is reinforced by an impact-resistant sleeve layer pad. At the top of the box, extended folds slide in between the bottles to create divides and prevent movement in transit.

In terms of sustainability, the paper sleeves are made from 85% recycled content, are curbside recyclable, and reportedly biodegrade in six weeks. Meanwhile, the boxes are tape-free and made from FSC-certified paper.

It’s also possible for the sleeves to be reused, either for returns or to protect other goods such as artwork, glassware or ceramics.

Co-Founder Sam Boex says: “It’s been an extraordinary few years of growing Flexi-Hex to become a trusted and respected supplier of eco-friendly packaging within the drinks industry. This Bottle Box is something I’ve wanted to launch for a while now, bringing a new level of quality to the traditional box design.

“It will reduce breakage rates, as well as elevating a brand’s unboxing experience and, most importantly, it’s better for the environment.”

Flexi-Hex, which launched its first bottle packaging product in 2018, now offers protective solutions for the drinks industry from e-commerce, post-ready boxes to premium gift capsules.

The company currently works with over 25% of the UK’s distilleries, and is currently rolling out its products in other territories including Europe, Australasia, and North America.