EVRYTHNG, the Internet of Things Smart Products Platform, and Zappar, a global leader in augmented reality (AR), announced their partnership today. 

Expanding its ability to web-enable physical products at scale, EVRYTHNG now allows brands to power AR applications—as well as a full suite of digital product lifecycle applications—via their products. 

The partnership empowers brands to drive consumer interactions with AR experiences at massive scale through Zappar’s class-leading AR content authoring and publishing platform.

EVRYTHNG is already digitally-enabling billions of consumer products via unique and intelligent software identities in the cloud. Though this partnership, codes on product packaging can now be connected to Active Digital Identities™ in the cloud to deliver rich short-form content, while also driving digital product lifecycle management capabilities and capturing real-time data throughout the life of the product. Brands can then use these insights, which are accessible via EVRYTHNG’s cloud-based data management platform, to optimize their supply chain operations and strengthen customer relationships. 

For instance, a cereal brand can use data insights from an AR game to schedule a reordering notification to be sent to the consumer. With the added benefits of increased dwell time, active engagement, table time, and increased rates of repurchase, the AR experience also provides insights into where and when products are being bought and used.

The AR experience delivers value for the consumer, all while delivering ROI to brands. Product packaging for food brands can surface relevant recipes, food preparation tips, nutritional information, coupons, and related brand promotions and offers. These interactions are captured and tracked by brands in the EVRYTHNG platform to better understand usage habits among audiences for future product and marketing decisions.

Watch a demonstration of Zappar’s AR capabilities off of smart packaging here.

“Our partnership with Zappar is yet another way we’re bridging the gap between the physical and digital for brands and consumers,” said Niall Murphy, co-founder & CEO of EVRYTHNG. “This addition of augmented reality to our portfolio of rich digital applications powered by smart products allows brands to deliver interactive experiences that drive consumer engagement, insights, and business impact.” 

“EVRYTHNG is the perfect partner for us. They bring big data and serialization to bare in a way that complements our approach to AR,” said Caspar Thykier, co-founder & CEO of Zappar. “We strive to make AR truly mass market, scalable, efficient, affordable, and effective but also engaging and interactive for our partners. We share a common goal to build an always-on digital relationship between the physical world of things and devices that a brand controls to drive added value experiences, analytics, and results.”

EVRYTHNG is the market-leading Internet of Things platform for consumer products, providing digital identities to billions of products at the point of manufacture via unique and intelligent software identities in the cloud. Leveraging these #BornDigital™ products, brands can deploy digital applications across the product lifecycle, including supply traceability, inventory management, direct-to-consumer experiences, and sustainability. End-to-end digital lifecycle management for products makes supply chains smarter and cultivates more valuable customer connections.

Zappar is the market leader in augmented reality on handheld devices through its platforms, tools, and software solutions that provide a full ecosystem to deliver the best solutions for the mass market at scale. Its powerful ZapWorks platform gives brands the opportunity to deploy AR at an individual product level across any digital trigger, including QR codes, NFC, and its proprietary zapcodes solution.

EVRYTHNG’s partnership with Zappar further expands its global smart product ecosystem and enhances its ability to deliver product digitization at massive scale. Earlier this year, EVRYTHNG announced the integration of its Active Digital Identities™ with GS1 Standards, allowing brands to use the billions of existing GS1 identifiers deployed on consumer goods to web-enable their products. Through established partnerships with global packaging leaders—including Avery Dennison RBIS in the apparel and footwear industry, and Crown and WestRock among others in the consumer packaged goods industry—EVRYTHNG is able to adhere digital identities to physical products as they’re manufactured.

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