Electronic packaging specialists, Electropac, has joined forces with confectionery firm, Churchill’s, to produce the ultimate patriotic souvenir in advance of the Royal Wedding - a musical version of their Around London tinned giftware, filled with 150grams of assorted biscuits.

Launched exclusively via the home shopping channel, QVC, the tin itself portrays an intricate, embossed representation of London, including many of the city’s most famous landmarks. When you open the lid, it plays either the National Anthem or Rule Britannia, adding a touch of nostalgic magic to the tin.

London-based Electropac specialise in the manufacture and application of low cost micro-electronics. By adding effects such as sound, light and motion, the firm aims to lead packaging into a new era by creating new stories and multi-sensory connections between brands and consumers. And by providing a complete supply chain solution, including packaging, their vision is to help brands and retailers innovate and differentiate themselves.

“In a digital marketing age, Electropac is exploring ways of revitalising the analog side of marketing, so we can stop shoppers in their tracks and inspire them with new packaging experiences,” said Electropac’s Rahul Shah.

With the musical Around London tin airing on the QVC channel prior to the Royal Wedding, expectations at Churchill’s Confectionery are high. The award winning Hertfordshire-based family business has been the mainstay of the UK confectionery sector for over 25 years, probably best known for their souvenir tins, many of which feature London. This is the first time that Churchill’s has included musical technology in their packaging.

Commenting on the initiative, Churchill’s Kim Winston, said: “We met Electropac at an exhibition and were very impressed with their uniqueness, imagination and creativity not to mention the quality of their goods and experience within the electronic field.

“With the Royal Wedding just weeks away, we thought that the technology would work really well for our Around London design. We approached QVC who jumped at the opportunity, hence the reason that the souvenir tin became exclusive to QVC. We are delighted with the product.”

The product is being aired for a second time on the Andi Peters show on QVC on 22 May.

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