Manufacturers must act now to adopt smart factory solutions or risk being left behind, as consumer demand for greater variety of products, customised user experience, and sustainable product packaging continues to grow.

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), will appear at interpack 2020 to demonstrate smart, connected factory solutions for producing customised, on-demand, innovative products, while ensuring that customer safety, compliance, and waste reduction remain top priorities.

Visit Domino at interpack (Hall 8B, Booth C41, Messe Düsseldorf, 7th–13th May), to witness the launch of Domino’s new, next-generation, industry 4.0-ready thermal inkjet printer, and discover a range of solutions available for manufacturers looking to embrace smart manufacturing processes.

Coding and marking for the factory of the future

Domino’s innovative event space will provide visitors with the opportunity to meet industry experts and explore topics such as: using automated coding solutions to reduce errors on product packaging; adopting late-stage label customisation to improve production efficiency; and partnering with Domino to meet packaging sustainability targets.

Error-free coding

On modern production lines, handling multiple products for consumers worldwide, accuracy is crucial. Errors in product identification and coding is one of the top reasons for product recalls – which can be costly for manufacturers, and harm brand reputation.

Utilising automated product coding solutions alongside code validation systems is the most effective way of ensuring that production lines are kept error-free. Domino’s coding automation software can be integrated with existing ERP and MES systems to handle product message changeover, and work in unison with external vision systems for message validation. 

 “Having the ability to transmit and share data between systems and software providers is essential for factories looking to maximise their efficiency,” says Adem Kulauzovic, director of coding automation at Domino. “It’s important to find a partner, like Domino, that has experience in integrating systems, and working together with other companies and integrators easily and efficiently.”

Domino’s experts in coding automation and validation will be at interpack this year to discuss error-free coding solutions, and provide hands-on demonstrations of QuickDesign, Domino’s innovative coding automation software.

Late-stage customisation

Bringing all elements of production together under one roof is the ultimate goal of smart manufacturing. Domino’s options for late-stage customisation offer increased control over product identification and coding, allowing manufacturers to easily adapt to smaller batch sizes, tighter lead times, and changing packaging concepts.

“Our options for late-stage customisation allow manufacturers to meet more of their product identification and coding requirements within the factory walls,” says Craig Stobie Director of Domino’s Global Sector Business. “Shifting reliance from an external packaging provider allows our customers to have more line agility to respond more easily to evolving consumer demands, while driving down costs and reducing packaging waste.”

A range of options for late-stage customisation for compliance and traceability, information flexibility, and promotions management, will be on display at Domino’s innovative event space at interpack.


Alongside smart solutions, in order to remain competitive manufacturers also need to demonstrate commitments to sustainability, including waste reduction and sustainable packaging solutions. Attendees at interpack are invited to chat one-on-one with experts in materials science at Domino’s central sustainability ‘hub’, to discuss how to mitigate some of the risks involved in sustainable packaging design.

“It’s important to remember that any change in packaging materials can have a significant impact on the reliability, durability, and legibility of codes.” says Susan Palmer, Head of Global Pre-Sales at Domino. “Domino’s technical specialists work very closely with customers to source and test new and improved sustainable packaging materials, in order to determine the best coding and marking solution available.”

Meet your partner for the future

Domino’s specialists in coding automation, late-stage customisation, and sustainability will be on hand throughout the week at interpack 2020 to discuss customer-specific requirements and deliver hands-on demonstrations from across Domino’s product range. Visitors can also expect to get a first look at some of Domino’s exciting new ink- and laser-based systems, for printing on paper, plastic, metal, and a whole range of new and improved recycled and recyclable substrates.

Visit Domino in Hall 8B, Booth C41