Coveris is launching an innovative “Bag-in-Bag" solution which it says will make recycling easier for consumers.

By combining the attributes of flexible film and paper with a patented technology that reportedly ensures easy separation, the company claims to be answering the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions without losing focus on product safety and visibility.

Designed mainly for food and pet food, the brand-new “Bag-in-Bag” solution combines an inner layer with “strong barrier properties” to protect the contents, alongside an outer layer made of paper, which Coveris perceives to be an eco-friendly packaging material. The company says that plastic, on the other hand, preserves the sensitive contents and offers user-friendly closure options. After usage, the bag’s two components can reportedly be easily separated via a precut tape at the bottom of the bag. According to Coveris, this feature makes the recycling advantage readily apparent to the consumer at the shelf.

The new solution is available in different formats and can be printed in flexography or rotogravure. Because the external paper layer is a printable surface, Coveris says that it can offer high-quality printing options that successfully draw attention to products on busy supermarket shelves.

“With this sustainable packaging solution, the team has developed a user-friendly eco-concept that retains the advantages of plastic bags while making recycling easy. We have conducted internal panel tests to measure the efficacy of easy separation and recyclability and we are now pleased to release this innovation to market,” said Eric Valette, Head of R&D Flexibles, commenting on the launch of the new product.