Thermal transfer overprinter coder delivers top quality flexible film printing with high uptime and lower cost through greater modularity in terms of features, hardware and setup.

Markem-Imaje is extending its thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) line of coders with a cost-efficient version targeting low- and medium-speed production lines of up to 600 millimeters per second (mm/s) and, initially, users in Asia-Pacific.

The SmartDate ® X30 provides the same high-quality printing and uptime as the other models in the range but makes specialized features, such as unique coding, optional. Its hardware and setup requirements are also streamlined.

At 20 cm x 17 cm x 18cm, it is the smallest coder in the portfolio, making installation into production lines or integration by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) easy.

Also, a typical TTO coder needs multiple hardware modules installed per line. The SmartDate ® X30, by contrast, only requires one box per line and a handheld, menu-driven operator terminal which controls one or more coders. Unlike other coders, it requires no plant air. It also offers manufacturers the advantage of simply plugging it into their OEM machinery, reducing installation time and expense.

The coder retains the automatic setup and dead-dot detection capabilities of the SmartDate® range, ensuring that uptime and quality are maximized. Intelligence built into the coder automatically identifies and accepts new ribbons without the manual intervention required by thermal transfer coders from other manufacturers. Similarly, advanced printhead monitoring detects and helps eliminate faulty codes.

End-users can choose from all SmartDate X-Series ribbon types ranging from economy-grade through to complex options with enhanced mechanical, heat and solvent resistance – all of which have been shown to deliver up to 15% more codes per roll.

Options available include having the power supply within the machine, should the user not wish to run the coder from directly from the production line. If end-users prefer the more traditional approach of one operator terminal per coder, they can buy as many extra handheld devices as required.

Reliability is reinforced by the underpinning technology which has been proven in thousands of packaging facilities worldwide for over 30 years. Additionally, the SmartDate X30 comes with a 12-month warranty, as standard. Uniquely, Markem-Imaje’s SmartDate X30 printheads themselves also benefit from warranty protection for up to 12 months or 40 kilometers of ribbon passing through them. There is also quick access to a single point of contact for expert support on both the coder and ribbon via Markem-Imaje’s global service network .

“This product has been developed at the request of many emerging market customers who valued our high-quality coding but sought a more competitive price. This new coder allows them to choose and pay only for what they require,” says Stephen Kean, Thermal Transfer Product Marketing Manager. “We are delighted to finally meet their needs more effectively.”

For now, SmartDate X30 is available in China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

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