Contoured banding with an eye catching design and branding ensures that a product is shown off to its very best. Just like these tomatoes, or the Field Roast logo. These are only two examples of how Branding by Banding adds value for supermarket display.

Combining the positioning of the content and the shaping of the die cut enables you to bring out the star quality in your product. For example, where the product itself should be seen the band is narrow and where lots of information is to be shown the band is wider, as is the case for this tomato package. 

Branding is highlighted on the Field Roast band. Bandall technology guarantees accurately positioned contoured banding around each and every product. And together with Max. Aarts the perfect creation of a band design is assured.

Banding with die cut contours is a Branding by Banding innovation - accentuating precisely what you wish, and where, all can be achieved with Bandall contoured banding.

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