Constantia Flexibles’ new solution, Perpetua, is a recyclable, high-barrier, polymeric mono-material packaging solution for pharma products.

According to the company, the solution has a wide range of uses in pharma packaging applications and is now available worldwide. Perpetua offers product protection from oxygen, water vapor, and light.

High protection levels against moisture, oxygen, and heat are important for protecting active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), to provide the patient with effective medication. Constantia Flexibles’ goal was to meet the very high barrier properties for pharma products while implementing high sustainability standards.

The result is Perpetua, a product family based on a unique line of full polypropylene (PP) high-barrier laminates. The flexible packaging solution is available in application-tailored versions and, being cyclos-HTP-certified, its recyclability reportedly ranges from 90% to 96%, depending on the individual material specification.

The company claims that high barrier properties and lower environmental footprint do not limit the design possibilities of the packaging.

Pierre-Henri Bruchon, EVP of Constantia Flexibles’ pharma division, comments: “Our mission is to constantly rethink packaging to make a meaningful contribution to our customers and the environment. Sustainability plays a decisive role in all our business activities.

“Therefore, the development of a more sustainable but at the same time high-barrier solution for pharma products like Perpetua was of high importance to us. It is the perfect packaging solution for pharma products.”