Vacuum packed food is on the rise. The increased durability benefits both retailers and consumers. For some time, meat products such as rolled meat, rack of lamb and t-bone steaks have already been available in (banded) vacuum packaging in supermarkets. The same applies to luxury seafood products. Recently, the demand for pre-cooked vegetables has also increased. But how do you get your vacuum packed products noticed on the shelves of supermarkets?


The circumference of vacuum packed products is usually irregular, making it difficult to use self-adhesive labels. A great alternative is the Branding by Banding concept developed by Bandall and specialised printer Max Aarts. The unique Bandall banding system allows you to provide vacuum packed products with a neat and tight-fitting band, in spite of the irregular contours of the packaging (of course, within certain tolerances). By means of a band, the product itself is well represented and has a beautiful exclusive appearance. Particularly in comparison to pre-printed vacuum bags. 

The marketing information on the banding can be cleverly positioned, increasing the chance that the product is picked from the supermarket shelf. In addition, there is sufficient space for product information, traceability data, bar codes and even storytelling. As banding is done with very thin bands of paper or foil, significant cost savings will be made. 

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