Borealis has collaborated with Menshen, a producer of plastic closures and packaging systems, on a series of ten packaging closures based on Borcycle, a recycling technology that transforms polyolefin-based waste into new, value-adding solutions.

Borcycle is used to manufacture a range of compounds made of recycled polyolefins (rPO) which are suitable for use in rigid packaging applications for the laundry and home care sectors, including 2K closures.

In the course of the collaboration, Borealis and Menshen determined that Borcycle UG522MO, a polypropylene (PP) compound made of 50% PCR content, would be the right solution for the new closures.

Borealis claims that the compound brings a host of benefits, including potential CO2 reductions of up to 15%, when compared with the use of comparable virgin PP in similarly demanding packaging solutions, and “excellent” end-of-life recyclability in existing PCR streams.

Other features include reliability and processability that are reportedly similar to virgin polyolefins.

“A core pillar of the Borealis EverMinds mindset is that value chain collaboration is essential to making plastics more circular,” says Meta Cigon, marketing manager of consumer products at Borealis.

“Teaming up with Menshen to deliver high-quality closures made of 50% recycled PCR is proof positive that innovation and teamwork can move the industry closer to a circular economy. We are helping build a better tomorrow with each step by reinventing for more sustainable living.”

“The functionality of a closure may be affected by natural variations in PCR materials. By leveraging our respective areas of expertise, Menshen and Borealis can determine which ratios of recyclate and virgin material are appropriate for which applications,” adds Ulrich Fleischer, Menshen’s head of sustainability.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Borealis in fulfilling growing demand amongst our own customers, as well as retailers and end consumers, for a broader spectrum of sustainable, yet high-quality packaging options.”