BBC CELLPACK has announced CELLRoll Lidding, a complexed 100% recyclable film, which has just been added to the family of green products already comprised of CELLPouch and CELLWax.

The new product has unique characteristics: designed to be adaptable to current packaging machines and polypropylene or mono A-PET trays.

Developed for all types of delicatessen items and hard cheeses, the company argues that it provides optimum product protection against oxidation and dampness, thereby extending use-by dates. CELLRoll has also been designed to be compatible with organic and vegan products.

According to BBC CELLPACK, the advantages of this new development include recyclability, high barrier properties, adaptation to polypropylene or mono A-PET tray, and ease of use. 

As with the rest of the BBC CELLPACK Packaging range, CELLRoll Lidding is produced via a sustainable development process. This new packaging therefore complies in all respects with European Commission requirements as regards the recycling of plastic packaging by 2030. The result, the company argues, is a futuristic product designed for the circular economy, fully recyclable and using less plastic.

“Our challenge? the preservation of our planet and its ecosystem. With this objective in mind, we have been engaged for two years in a real transformation process on the design of our packaging,” says Estelle Gries, Head of Business Development & Marketing at BBC CELLPACK.

CELLRoll lidding is the result of real teamwork both internally and with our external partners. We have succeeded in offering a new packaging solution combining recyclability, high barrier properties, and machine adaptability. It therefore allows our customers to work with their current manufacturing tool and it fully meets the expectations of today's consumers,” she continues.