BASF now offers a new plastic grade for the manufacture of EPS (expandable polystyrene) foam packaging.

For the products in the Styropor® P 24 Speed range the pentane content has been lowered to approximately 4.8 per cent, thereby reducing moulding cycle and intermediate conditioning times. The new grade Styropor P 324 Speed with a density of 25 grams per litre yields an up to 50 per cent shorter moulding cycle time in comparison with Styropor P 326 at an average moulding steam pressure.

Easy processing for food and E&E packaging

Just like the classic Styropor P 26, this new type of Styropor is approved for food packaging and has a high mechanical resistance as well as excellent flexural and compressive strength. Moreover, it has good fusion properties and a smooth surface finish. As with all Styropor packaging grades, the new Styropor P 24 Speed is without flame retardant and especially suitable for the manufacture of thin-walled technical mouldings as well as food packaging and cool boxes. The material is available in three bead sizes ranging from 0.4 mm to 1.3 mm. The new product rounds off BASF’s EPS range for the packaging industry.

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