Luxury boxes for chocolate, beauty and other exclusive items deserve special treatment.  Especially where glamorous prints and special finishing techniques are used. Bandall banding equipment bundles with care, guaranteeing bundles without any damage whatsoever.

The top and bottom of each pack remains in perfect condition thanks to the unique advanced technology for transporting banding material in each Bandall machine. Not forgetting, Bandall is the only equipment worldwide that can process upwards of as little as 35 micron banding materials. And this means significant savings in packaging materials.

Bandall banding equipment is particularly suitable for bundling luxury carton products, plano boxes of all sizes, corrugated and flat.

Bandall’s advanced technology enables the banding of very large plano carton, without any compromise at all to performance or quality. Add-ons are also available to press stacks into a more compact bundle.

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