Bandall’s banding technology is ideal for labelling and packaging skin packs with a printed band. Skin packed products such as lobster and t-bone steaks can protrude beyond the containers or trays, often resulting in irregular sizes and shapes.

Uniquely, Bandall technology can accommodate these variables ensuring consistently neat and secure bands around the skin packs. Alternatives such as linerless label methods or sleeve packing are unable to do this. And self-adhesive labelling often results in a less than attractive finish.

Showing the freshness and quality of products is very much in demand. Seafood and luxury meat and poultry products are often packed in this way. A tempting and striking, informative label, that stands out on the shelf, can all be achieved with banding.

360 degrees of exposure opportunity is another good reason to choose banding. As the band encircles the skin pack there is more than sufficient printing area to accommodate branding and product information. For example, product origins and nutritional information can be printed on the underside, allowing plenty of space on the front for marketing and branding. Please, get in touch with us for more information.

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