Ardagh’s Nitro Can has been adopted by the company Funkin Cocktails in a collaboration that sees the first-ever range of ready-to-drink nitro canned cocktails hit the shelves.  

Funkin has opted for Ardagh’s Nitro Can to deliver its ground-breaking range of canned cocktails. The slim aluminium can features a fixed nitrogen-infused widget that mixes the cocktail instantly, ensuring maximum product quality and consistency and producing an unrivalled multisensory experience for the consumer.

The Nitro Can technology was devised by Ardagh in 2016 to capitalise on the trend for nitro coffee, and with Funkin’s new range it now enters the fast-growing RTD alcoholic beverage market. Nitro Can’s innovative design makes the indulgent pleasure of a hand-mixed cocktail readily accessible in a convenient format. Upon opening the tab, the widget is activated, triggering an attention-grabbing ‘whoosh’ sound as micro-bubbles of nitrogen are released through the product. All the scents, flavours and colours of a bar-made cocktail are retained during the cascading pour, resulting in the instant delivery of an attractive beverage with a long-lasting foam head and the smooth, velvety sensation that is normally only achieved in a traditional cocktail shaker.

Not only does the Nitro Can offer an engaging consumer experience, its stable in-can environment can protect Funkin Cocktails’ ingredients. The 200ml range contains real fruit, which makes retaining the integrity of product flavour and safety essential, and the can guarantees shelf stability both in refrigerated and ambient temperatures. 

Ben Anderson, Marketing Director at Funkin Cocktails, said, “This has been a great collaboration in our 20th anniversary year – we couldn’t be happier with the final product. Our core values are ingredients, innovation and inspiration, and Ardagh’s Nitro Can solution supports all three. We are really happy to deliver our exciting flavours in a system that keeps the product safe and tasting perfect." 

The eye-catching cans feature Funkin’s brand new livery, a silver theme with bold graphics depicting the flavour varietals.

Adriana Escobar, Product Manager at Ardagh Group’s European Metal Beverage division, said, "It’s exciting to be tapping into new categories with our Nitro Can. This exceptional innovative packaging format deserves a wide take-up and we love to see new categories take advantage of all its benefits."

Funkin’s range is now available in the UK market.