Aptar Pharma has announced that their recently-launched QuickStart™ for Injectables has won Best Innovation in Packaging Material & Component category at the 2019 Pharmapack Awards in Paris. 

QuickStart™ Injectables is a sterile, Ready-To-Use (RTU) drug development offering  designed specifically to accelerate the development time for start-ups and early stage development, R&D, biotechs, and university research organizations. Aptar Pharma launched this injectable development package in October 2018 at CPhI Worldwide in Madrid.  

Aptar Pharma also announced at Pharmapack 2019 that the award-winning QuickStart™ development package is now available for online purchase via the Aptar Pharma website utilizing an easy-to-use configurator, further simplifying access for research scientists and drug developers with a click of a button. QuickStart™ comes with several other key scientific benefits. QuickStart™ Injectables provides a one-stop packaging solution, which allows developers to focus on their science and chemistry. QuickStart™ arrives RTU to the point of use, which reduces the number of human/product interactions while at the same time optimizing manufacturing productivity, as the vials, stoppers, and caps can be used immediately upon receipt and directly introduced into restricted access barrier systems (RABS) or isolators.  

QuickStart™ Injectables comes with gamma-sterilized stoppers and push-off caps, and ETO-sterilized vials to provide customers with better quality, real flexibility, convenience, and speed. The package, complete with glass vials from Schott, elastomeric stoppers from Aptar Pharma and push-off caps from EMA Pharmaceuticals, provides everything needed for the small-volume filling of high value formulations. QuickStart™ Injectables is also able to cater Photo courtesy of Aptar Pharma  to different sizes and configurations of vials, stoppers, and caps.  The offering also includes all of the quality and technical documentation required to verify the sterilization and compatibility (CCI) of components, which serves to proactively address regulators’ needs and accelerate approval.  

Bas Van Buijtenen, President of the Aptar Pharma Injectables Division, comments, “We are delighted that QuickStart™ Injectables has won ‘Best Innovation in Packaging Material & Component’ at this year’s Pharmapack Awards. With QuickStart™, we are enabling small scale sterile fills for innovative drug companies. Because we offer a small scale packaging solution identical to what will be used for large scale fills, these innovators gain reliability and time in their drug development pipeline.”    

Adam Shain, Aptar Pharma’s Director, Global Business Development – Injectables, adds “Winning the Pharmapack innovation award is a recognition of an industry need for fast development solutions. QuickStart™ Injectables is all about convenience, speed, and quality by enabling companies to have a quick and positive development experience. This need for speed and convenience is what drove us to make QuickStart™ available online, because we recognized that when developers are starting out, it is not always obvious how to procure the packaging they require.  The success of QuickStart™ Injectables demonstrates a true team effort bringing together the best solutions from Schott, Aptar Pharma, and EMA Pharmaceuticals. Together, we are able to deliver a robust and easy-to-use solution, which lets our pharmaceutical partners focus on the drug product, while we take care of the packaging. I look forward to the continued success of Aptar Pharma QuickStart™”.