Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala has partnered with award winning branding and packaging design agency Appartement 103 to create the brand identity and packaging design of a new premium spiced rum from Botran family, following market trends and indicators of growing interest in this sub-category.

“After visiting Botran's distillery facilities in Guatemala, our team discovered Botran Cobre in its heart: a micro-distillery made of traditional pot stills and crafted savoir-faire. As part of this inspiring journey into Botran’s world, we had the privilege of spending time with Botran’s master distiller, who passionately shared all her knowledge of the product, allowing us to capture the essence and true story of making such refined spiced rum.” Says Appartement 103’s Creative Director, Julien Zylbermann.

Every single element was meticulously designed with a relentless attention to detail, creating a fascinating intertwine of illustrations and typographies that conveys the elegance and complexity of the distilling process, as well as illustrating the infusion of the natural spices that compose the product.

Boasting high contrast through a dark background and shiny copper foil, the design pays tribute to the traditional pot still with a mesh between craft and modernity codes, increasing visual impact and category disruption.

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